5 A.M. Gucci Mane Mp3 Ringtone

5 A.M. Gucci Mane Mp3 Ringtone

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5 A.M. Gucci Mane Mp3 Ringtone is available for download :

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5 A.M. Gucci Mane Mp3 Ringtone

5 A.M. Gucci Mane Lyric

A deal is going down on the wrong side of the tracks
In Atlanta, Georgia
This nigga robbed me
Dope boys, I ain’t finna run to the police too fast

Man a nigga just broke in my spot
That’s like a nigga taking dope out my pot
He stole some money and some weed and a watch
I need the nigga dead by 5 O’clock
Fuck talking, I just want to hear shots
I ain’t asking if you did or did not
Imma run that nigga off of this block
I need the nigga dead by 5 O’clock

[Verse 1:]
I’m a brick squad soldier, I thought I told ya
Mister ice cream man, I’m selling boulders
I lost a load, New Mexico, they fucking pulled her over
And she’ll never fuck me over nigga, all my bitches soldiers
Crush and roll soldier, boulder crest soldier
And I told my bitch to quit me cause I never will propose to her
And as I get older my jewelry get colder
But why the task force had to put me in the folder
Rest in peace to Soldier Slim, that boy there was a soldier
Rest in peace to Pac and Big, cause them niggas was soldiers
They gave my partner 60 years, but he don’t think it’s over
I got money for his appearance cause we just want some closure


[Verse 2:]
These other niggasplay for keeps, the day I kill your ass for sneaking money
A teacher makes like 30 thousand a year, I make that daily homie
I’m mister keep a big old pistol cause these niggas be hating on me
You got to get this pistol in your name, that be my lady baby
Grab me up that brand new FN, get you a 3.80 baby
Trapping like it’s 1980, but I don’t really fuck with [?]
I’m smoking kush in Central Station, drinking one with some of my Haitians
Bitches say I’m two faced but these pussy niggas be scared to face it
Put a split on top of split then y’all niggas run in your shit
Rocking diamonds, so much money, can’t even wear a money clip
I tell them niggas don’t when [?] or get pistol whipped
Trap a [?] like [?] and that’s how you got your uncle clipped


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