Origin : Dresden , Saxony , Germany
Occupation(s) : Rapper
Genres : Hip hop

01099 is a German rap crew from Dresden.

01099 was founded around 2018 around the four rappers Gustav, Paul, Dani (Daniel) and Zachi (Zacharias). The crew name is based on the recent trend to hide one’s origins with various numerical codes in the rapper’s pseudonym. The crew name is based on the zip code of Dresden-Neustadt (01099). The four musicians got to know each other partly as orchestra musicians and attended the St. Benno-Gymnasium together.

The debut EP Skyr was released in autumn 2019 . The title is based on the Icelandic quark of the same name , and the song that accompanies it is both an ode to quark and a parody of contemporary hip-hop culture.

01099’s Album / EP

  • EP: “Skyr” (2019)
  • album: “Morgensonne” (2020)
  • EP: “Dachfenster” (2021)