Origin : West Palm Beach, Florida
Occupation(s) : Songwriter, musician, rapper
Genres : Trap metal, hip hop, hardcore punk, noise, alternative hip hop, black metal, doom metal

Eric Whitney (born April 15, 1991), known professionally as Ghostemane or Eric Ghoste, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He has released eight solo albums and three collaborative albums under his Ghostemane moniker, primarily merging elements of heavy metal, hip hop and industrial music. Whitney has also released music with a number of additional solo projects, pursuing styles including black metal as Baader-Meinhof, noise music as GASM, and electronic music as Swearr. He began his career in local hardcore punk and doom metal bands around Florida. In 2015, he moved to Los Angeles, California, starting a career as a rapper, under the moniker Ill Bizz. Around this same time, he was a member of the hip hop collective Schemaposse.

Ghostemane’s merging of trap and metal gained him popularity on SoundCloud. In 2018, Ghostemane released his seventh studio album, N/O/I/S/E, which was highly anticipated in the underground music scene due to its heavy influence from industrial and nu metal groups.

Ghostemane’s Albums / EPs / Mixtapes / Singles

  • mixtape: “BLUNTS N BRASS MONKEY” (2014)
  • mixtape: “TABOO” (2014)
  • EP: “GHOSTE TALES” (2015)
  • album: “Oogabooga” (2015)
  • album: “For The Aspiring Occultist” (2015)
  • EP: “DOGMA” (2015)
  • mixtape: “Astral Kreepin [Resurrected Hitz]” (2015)
  • album: “Rituals” (2016)
  • EP: “DÆMON” (2016)
  • album: “Blackmage” (2016)
  • EP: “DÆMON II” (2016)
  • album: “Plagues” (2016)
  • EP: “Daemon III” (2017)
  • album: “Hexada” (2017)
  • album: “N/O/I/S/E” (2018)
  • EP: “Fear Network” (2019)
  • EP: “Opium” (2019)
  • single: “Human Err0r” (2019) (with Parv0)
  • album: “ANTI-ICON” (2020)
  • EP: “Fear Network II” (2021)



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