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Born And Raised DJ Khaled Mp3 Ringtone

Born And Raised DJ Khaled Lyric

(feat. Trick Daddy, Pitbull & Rick Ross)

[DJ Khaled:]
I Work My Whole Life For
I Mean I Seen So Many Road Blocks
So Many Devils In My Way
But To Be Honest With You I See Nobody
I Am The Best

Born N Raised In The County Of Dade

[DJ Khaled:]
DJ Khaled!! Trick Daddy!! Rick Ross!! Pitbull!! Da Runnas!!

[Trick Daddy:]
A Nigga D-I-E I Be Fa Eva Thuggin Baby
Da Same Nigga Dats Y Da Streets Still Luv Me Baby
Bitch I’m From Dade County
See I’ma 7 Tre’, Chevrolet, Impala, Dunk Rider
I Blo Ya Doors Off
U Race Yo Car Against My Car, Leave Yo Ass So Far You’ll Doz Off
And When I Take Off Its Like I Took Off
And When I Ride By Its Like I Fly By
Its Like Slo Motion, All N 3 Deep
Cuz Like Errwhur I Go Dey Be Like Ya-Yo!!
I Fit Da Description, Black Tee N Dickies
Big Glock Wit Me, Of Dade County Nigga!

Born N Raised In The County Of Dade

(Its Dat Lil Chico Pitbull, I Jus Like 2 Welcome Yall
2 Whur I Been Born, I Been Raised N Da County Of Dade Ya Know
Got Dem Boyz Dat Pass By N Dem Old Skool Chevys Wit Da Top Down
Bass Stay Bumpin, Make Trunk Rattle, Rear View Shake
Den Dey Look At U Wit Dem Bold Smiles And Let U Know Wat It Is Right)
I Been Born N Raised N Da County Dade, Da Land Of Da Haze, Da Cocaine Capital
We Ain’t Jus Hittin U Buddy We Boyz Sappin Ya
We Comin Hard Like Dem Cubans N Da 80’s Dawg
Go Ahead Throw In Da Pot I Bet Its Raw
(Pitbull Talkin Spanish Don’t Get It)
Evernything Dat I Do Do, Everything Dat I Say Say
Everywhur Dat I Go I Let Em Know, Hey I From Da County Of Dade
Old Skool Chevy Heaven, Old Skool Niggas Preachin
Young Niggas Wildin, Getting Rich Off Keys And Violence
Trick He’s Da Mayor, Luke He’s Da King, I’m Mr. 305
Put Dat On A Triple Beam
I Bet It Weigh Out More Den A Boat Load Of Keys
Holla At Dem Haitians Let Em Know Dizz Licks Only Walk N Da Dade

Born N Raised In The County Of Dade

[Rick Ross:]
(U See Em, U See Em, Ross, U See Em, U See Em
Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay
Trick, Pitbull, Dj Khaled, 305 M-I Yayo)
I Got Road Dawgs Doin Dat 20 To Life
U Try Me And Ima Get 20 2nite, U Think Ya Bitch Mad
Boy I Got 20 Of Lights, Not Da Car But Dey Know I Be Pushin Da White
Different Chevy N Surp, Digital Dash, No Bank Account
My Money N Bags, Go Thru Da Physics, Cuz When I Whip It
And I Luv To Whip It , Its Jus Anotha Digit, Dis My City, And My City
Ya Gotta Tot Fire!, Ova Town Will Bust Ya Head, Cuz It Wont Slide
Brown Sub Will Wet Cha Ass Like A Dunk Rider
Ya Dead Wrong Fa Thinkin Dem Chicos Wont Ride
Oval Lock Will Revolve Around Dat Big 4-5
Dem Lil Haitians Will Take Ya Ass For A Boat Ride
N Carol City Niggas Quick To Blot A Plain Wit It
Unpack Da Sack And Kill A Gang Wit It!

Born N Raised In The County Of Dade

[DJ Khaled:]
Yea Its DJ Khaled Don Dotta
Big Dawg, Pitbull, Terror Squadin
Aka Da Beat Ol’ Wa Cain!!!!!!
R.I.P To My Dawg Uncle Al!!!
I Rep My City
Dade County

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Last modified: May 23, 2018