I Don’t See ‘Em DJ Khaled Mp3 Ringtone

I Don’t See ‘Em DJ Khaled Mp3 Ringtone

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I Don't See'Em DJ Khaled Mp3 Ringtone

I Don’t See ‘Em DJ Khaled Lyric

(feat. Birdman, Ace Hood and 2 Chainz)

[Hook: 2Chainz]
If I stand next to ice, then I’m camouflaged
If I stand next to lights, then I’m camouflaged
My future’s so bright, that all I see is stars
My shades on in the club, I don’t see you broads
I don’t see you broads, I don’t see you broads
I don’t see you broads, I don’t see you broads
My future’s so bright, that all I see is stars
My shades on in the club, I don’t see you broads

[Verse 1: 2Chainz]
I’m criminal minded, winter coat climate
Cold. Fucking up your sinus, bitches might
Choke, I’m giving them the heimlich, I’m a
Pimp in my own fucking rhyming, you my side bitch
UGH… Two chainz, two pinky rings
I like to play with Lucille’s: B.B. King
You don’t fuck with us, we don’t really fuck with y’all
Stunna bought some Yatchs, We in the ocean playing bumper cars
Pocket full of money, bitch, and my crew eating
Got a nigga shining like a brand new nickel
Plated pistol, this’s my last shot
Just left the dealership and the cashed out


[Verse 2: Ace Hood]
Black shades, gold chain, and a Versace scarf
Swear you haters couldn’t see me if I glowed in the dark
What it be like nigga? What it look like ho?
Still shining a nigga, two chains looking like it’s lightning doe
No love for you bustas, keep on steady stuntin’
Mo’ bottles of Rosé, yeah you know who run it
Thousand dollar shades on, all gold frames
Mister Fuck-your-bitch-and-leave-her, that’s my code name
I’m blowing money in this bitch, I think I’m Birdman
Trapping ain’t dead, getting money like the bird man
Bad bitches, whole lotta ass
Make you famous in this bitch soon as the camera flash


[Verse 3: Birdman]
In the kitchen and we cooking up that raw hog
Dry when shining, I’m a movie star
Open up the bank bitch, bring em large
Flip em and we bust em, then we ship em off
Perpetrating’ll get your head bust
A hundred million, ‘ll get you dope flush
A new Bentley, you get a ho rush
Big money shit, we popping cause we came up
Hella choppers, on them new thangs
Big yachts, brand new wings
Them hoes yapping, cause they know the frame
Cardinal, Ten Carats on my pinky ring


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