When I’m Buyin Em Migos Mp3 Ringtone

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When I'm Buyin Em Migos Mp3 Ringtone

When I’m Buyin Em Migos Lyric

[Hook – Quavo:]
Need the whole thing when I’m buyin’ ’em
Run and copped the whole bundle when I’m buyin’ ’em
I’ma need a whole hundred when I’m buyin’ ’em
I’ma need a whole truckload when I’m buyin’ ’em
Shut down the whole city when I’m buyin’ ’em
Make me feel like Obama when I’m buyin’ ’em
Close the whole shop down when I’m buyin’ ’em
Make you bring the blocks out when I’m buyin’ ’em

[Verse 1 – Quavo:]
Bring a whole damn chicken, I want to buy it
Make ’em bring them whole blocks out and you bite ’em
Pockets on swole, I did it to the hundo breakin’ that bowl
Got to buy ’em, when I buy ’em, get the bricks, I circumcise ’em
I got so many juugs on a nigga, I say [?]
Feelin’ like the Koreans in Menace to Society
Tellin’ them niggas to hurry and buy ’em
Stop tryna walk up on me with them toolies [?] buy ’em
Next time he walk up in my trap
I’ma get a young nigga, go get a nigga, find him

[Hook – Quavo]

[Verse 2 – Offset:]
I’m eyein’ it, I’m buyin’ it
And if it ain’t right I’m denyin’ it
I’m ’bout the action, ’bout that violence
And no it ain’t no rocket science
Get that pound and then you divide it
Weigh it up on the scale and count, slide it
Point 5 ’em, I move in silence
I bought it, it wasn’t an issue
Nigga I got 50 thousand dollars worth in tennis shoes
You gotta take an L if you want a fuckin’ W
I started in a Super 8, I’m trappin’ out the W
Mortal Kombat, fatality, I finish you
Niggas gonna hate on you, can you take the ridicule?
Got a hundred thousand dollars stashed up in the intertube
Got my bitches in the kitchen whippin’ up a new

[Hook – Quavo]

[Verse 3 – Takeoff:]
Throwin’ up cause my diamonds got me sick as fuck
Carlos in the pickup truck, hop out, 2 Glocks, the block is too hot
Make ’em give it up
Ever since I’ve been in the kitchen whippin’
Niggas wanna know my formula
Actavis sippin’, nigga no prescription
I got the chickens, they’re finger lickin’
I’m kickin’ the game, I got more white than Barry
Benjamin is my itinerary
That nigga trappin’ in December
I’ll make a billion by the month of January
2Pac, Makiaveli, Hail Mary
No Nick Cannon, I’m trappin’ Mariah Carey
My legacy livin’ like Perry Ellis
I need 36, Jerome Bettis

[Hook – Quavo]

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Last modified: July 16, 2018