Nasty Like College Chicks Andre Nickatina Mp3 Ringtone

Nasty Like College Chicks Andre Nickatina Mp3 Ringtone

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Nasty Like College Chicks Andre Nickatina Mp3 Ringtone is available for download :

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Nasty Like College Chicks Andre Nickatina Mp3 Ringtone

Nasty Like College Chicks Andre Nickatina Lyric

Oh well, all right you birds
Want me to make a speach?

Now – I’m in my leather coat
K-swiss new and white as coke
It’s 2:45 and I’m on the streets
And I’m fillmoe down never wantin to sleep
Now – bitin like a wolverine
Tight like a group when ya hold a beam
My phylosophy baby is hold the cream
Then blow the weed then fold the g’s
Now – cadillac rida form
2-27 yo the god was born
Cruisin through the town like a brick
For 4 days rich
But somebody snitched don’t quit

The situations nasty like college chicks
I’m gonna show you what the dolla gets
My homegirl say her impala hit
But she’s a lyin bitch
And I don’t give a shit-now-

I done cracked the blunt
My lifes a game no time to front
And the packs like hyinas
And we laugh like hyinas
Nickatina muthafucka now
Crooked little mind of yours
All in the air like a condor
Bust like a 44 all through a wood door
Replican fillmoe get paid stay paid nigga now
With a brand new cobra snake
All in your face bitch flaunt my bank
Watch the red devil fight
As they run the tank
Goldfish don’t have a chance to
Live, muthafucka-now
Jeans in a perfect crease
The homeboys say nicky give a speach
Money comes sweeter than a georgia peach
And I’m talkin more shit in
My k-swiss nigga-now

[Chorus x2]

Now I’m in the mood for silence
(?) back lookin at the city of violence
Filled with malice
Float to dallas
Tell the punk bitch with her
Dad I’m at this now
45 caps I spit
All in the car man weed is lit
Imagine what all them g’s will get
And I’m a greedy motherfucker can
You feel this shit now
Actin like lazer tag
Through the airport with my polo bag
Touchdown now her come the gift of gat
Baby born to rap homie pull your gats now
The sound of a symphony
The bullets make a whistle that’s harmony
The feelin of the pain is agony
Street court done made another tragedy now
[Chorus x2]

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