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Neighborhood Music Lil Rob Mp3 Ringtone

Neighborhood Music Lil Rob Lyric

Neighborhood music giving back neighborhood music
Neighborhood music for when we cruise around the brownside of town
Neighborhood music giving back neighborhood music
Neighborhood music Lil Rob puts it down for the brownside of town

[Lil Rob]
I write rhymes it means something even if it’s nothing to you
It means something to me let me explain something to you
I call it Neighborhood Music and homeboy I breathe it I see it
And speak it, dream it and keep it and share it with you
Unbareable blues and terrible twos to drugs and tattoos
Confused they can’t choose our life is a “U”
They’re not liking the rules back in school more than likely to lose
You fools would like me to lose cuz I’m killing you dudes
Neighborhood themes living out my childhood dreams
It’s not what it seems behind the scenes when everyone leaves
I’m a good man with good intentions though I leave bad impressions
Sit back and listen and don’t ask too many questions
Keep fucking up and I never learn my lessons
Letin out my aggression at rap sessions is a blessing
I’m guessing you’ve never heard nobody like me
When there’s so many people like me neighborhood m-u-s-i-c


[Lil Rob]
Snap jump in my cadillac ese I’ll be back ese
Bump her in el suelo Puffin on a leno
We put griffa in our pipas we love our jeffitas
Homemade tortillas and twelve packs of frias
Oldies in the back drop Playin out the rag-top
The streets are my playground and I’m tearing up the black top
And I can’t stop, well I could but I won’t stop so I don’t stop
I likes to cruise it to neighborhood music
Hundred spoke thirteens Gotta be the G’s though
Rollin with my primo to the store to get some pisto
If I could press rewind and turn back time I wouldn’t change a thing
Cuz this is me the way we live homie that’s what I bring
Neighborhood music for my neighborhood people
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil


[Lil Rob]
Taggin up on fences, and benches, neighborhood tensions
Maddog expressions weapons in possesion
Whatever you want I can get it us homeboys got connections
From the need of weed to the need of needle injections
Nike cortezes the man behind the lenses
Reflections of a small town that was known to get down
Party at the park after dark it don’t start until I spark up the joint of mine
I’ll pass it, it ain’t only mine it’s all of ours, we handle ours
And this is all before I had a car and all I had was handle bars
And the words that I spoke wait and a tape with some raps that I wrote
About my neighborhood ey


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Last modified: December 20, 2018