Shiloh’s Interlude – Cordae Ringtone Downloads

Shiloh’s Interlude [expl***t]
From the Album From a Birds Eye View [expl***t]
January 14, 2022

Artist’s brief information : Cordae Amari Dunston (born August 26, 1997; formerly known as YBN Cordae and Entendre), known mononymously as Cordae, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter.

Shiloh’s Interlude – Cordae ringtone can be downloaded once you have purchased the song through the following link. Simply click on the following link to go to the authorized distributor’s page.

Shiloh’s Interlude – Cordae Lyric

[Shiloh Young:]
This is a connect services prepaid call from: Shiloh Young
This call will be recorded and monitored
If you wish to block any future calls of this nature, dial 7 now
To hear the cost of this call, press 9 now
To accept this call, press 0 now
For billing inquiries, thank you for using Connect Services

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Shiloh’s Interlude