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Shiloh’s Intro [expl***t]
From the Album From a Birds Eye View [expl***t]
January 14, 2022

Artist’s brief information : Cordae Amari Dunston (born August 26, 1997; formerly known as YBN Cordae and Entendre), known mononymously as Cordae, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter.

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Shiloh’s Intro – Cordae Lyric

[Shiloh Young (Cordae):]
Alright, look, I said, I said
When I was nine, that’s my first time I held a 9
Put it on God, man, that must’ve been a sign
‘Cause my mother, she was strippin’, she was always on his mind
While her boyfriend, he was pimpin’, he ain’t have a lot of time
So he showed me where it was and showed me how to work it
Just in case a nigga run up in this b***h, gotta murk him
Thirteen, I was servin’, nigga, fifteen persons
Nigga, tryna be a cocaine cowboy, Michael Irvin
Nigga, sixteen, I was deep up in the trenches, hoppin’ fences
‘Round that time they gave my boy a life sentence
But I still ain’t learn, nigga, I was tryna burn niggas
Tryna put somebody in the grave or a urn, nigga
Seventeen, police whooped my a** just for bein’ Black
No talkin’ silent, guys give up, where’s the free in at?
Seen my uncle in the prison, s**t, now it’s me and that
Couldn’t break the cycle, like recycle, they wan’ see us back
Eighteen, lions, tigers, bears, I was livin’ with ’em (Mm)
Went to prison with ’em, war, business with ’em
I’m twenty-one, my cellmate been down for thirty-five
He just tryna see the sun before he gotta die
So why would I go and cry? Got another passion (b***h)
You don’t know the struggle, so you wouldn’t understand
‘Cause in my book, my mama raised a man
‘Cause I could’ve snitched on the beat to get me out the can
But I could tell you what I seen or what I lived, it’s up to you
Or let my brother tell the story from a bird’s-eye view

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Shiloh’s Intro