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What Ya'll Doin Migos Mp3 Ringtone

What Ya’ll Doin Migos Lyric

[Hook x2 – Quavo:]
All the real niggas locked up in prison
Most my niggas robbin’ or either killin’
Some my niggas on the block drug dealin’
I just wanna know, what y’all doin’?

[Verse 1 – Quavo:]
What y’all doin’? What y’all doin’?
Gotta make a difference in your own hood
Feel like Will Smith, I see millions, I’m gonna pursue it
If my momma told me if I came up short it’s all good
No I had to tell my mom sorry, I could picture me in that ‘Rari
After all the pain that we went through
I don’t even wanna rewind it
Free all my niggas went down in the system
Send the Green Dot cause I miss ’em
R.I.P. my nigga Pistol, can’t believe the bullet hit him
Sometimes a young nigga might wanna cry
But I can’t let you niggas see it
It was in my soul takin’ flats and gold
Juugin’ round the city for no reason
Juug Season, that’s what a young nigga called it, Juug Season
In the jungle, I survived every season

[Hook – Quavo]

[Verse 2 – Offset:]
What are you doin’? You had money, you blew it
You had dreams on the court, didn’t have no support
All these niggas they stuck in the system
Police keep killin’ my people
Trap on the block with the reefer
Tryin’ to count up the monifa
Beating the pot I might sneak her
Used to kick doors for new sneakers
Can’t trust no bitch cause the sneakin’
I step out that, shoot through your back call you Ricky
Now I got riches so bitches they miss me
Wanna know what you been doin’ all this time
Why you ain’t got no money on your mind
Together we stand, we fall apart then we divide
Fuck the police we might start up a riot
This shit is so pitiful, had to pay money for my nigga’s funeral
That was my nigga we had so much unity
I got in my heart, he on top and he smilin’
Used to talk about a fuckin’ rivalry
What about police that take a bribery?
They don’t give a fuck about people in poverty
Don’t got no property
This a democracy, no apology

[Hook – Quavo]

[Verse 3 – Takeoff:]
Some of my niggas on the block right now
Most of my niggas kick doors right now
Run up on a nigga tryna rob, got a 100 round drum right now
Most of my niggas court, judge don’t drop the hammer down
No Tony Parker, I came a long way from that starter
I’m thanking God cause I never had to ride that Marta
Now my diamonds flawless, make a nigga nauseous
That nigga fresher than Carlton, tryna fuck on Ms. Parker
Remember wanna be a monster, niggas playin’ cops and robbers
Ever since a youngin’ I was a problem
I was a leader, never was a follower
I got your ho in my condo, she poppin’ it
You niggas bitches, you niggas be gossiping’
If a nigga want it, I’ma go get it
My nigga we break it we split it
We takin’ riches cause niggas jumpin’ them fences

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Last modified: July 16, 2018